Friday, November 27, 2020

Epson launches SureColor SC-F10030, the first 76-inch Industrial Dye Sublimation Textile Printer.

Epson SureColor SC-F10030 Printer Gizmo Manila
  Epson expands the possibilities in textile printing with the introduction of its first ever 76-inch large format printer designed for businesses with higher printing demands. The Epson SureColor SC-F10030 is a new industrial-level dye sublimation textile printer built for the highest productivity and durability yet, promoting business scalability and job flexibility.

  This new industrial-level dye sublimation textile printer is the first in Epson’s textile large format printer genre with four new PrecisionCore™ Micro TFP printheads and a maximum print speed of 255 sqm/hr, which enable the highest productivity possible in continuous printing on larger surfaces. Combining productivity with uncompromised quality and sustainability, the SC-F10030 uses Epson’s Oeko-Tex® -certified, 100% nickel- and fluoride-free inks, and is built with a new dryer that minimizes both ink transfer to the media’s backside and heavy wrinkling in high-speed printing.

  Over the last ten years in large format printing, Epson’s advantage has always been “in the details”, so that every product helps businesses “transform” to become more cost-effective, cost-efficient, and productive while saving the environment.

  With the Epson SureColor SC-F10030 textile industrial-level dye sublimation printer, the delivery of the highest quality possible in high-speed printing is core to its design. It is equipped with Epson’s Precision Dot Technology that consists of three different dedicated technologies: 
  • Micro Weave
  • Lookup Table (LUT)
  • Halftone
  The Micro Weave feature is a special printing mode used to enhance the printed output by selectively applying an intricate pattern to eliminate the banding. Meanwhile, LUT technology enables users the use of proper color with backlit films. With the SureColor SC-F10030, the Micro Weave technology and LUT have been further optimized and a new Halftone, called the Multi-layer Halftone, was developed to deliver higher printing robustness against dot placement error. With the three technologies combined, users are assured of increased durability, reduction of graininess, and high uniformity throughout all images.
  • Equipped with Auto Adjustment features that support stable print quality based on the actual print pattern
  • Supports the Bulk Ink Supply System that offers 10 liters of ink cartridges and Hot Swap function
  • Comes bundled with an Epson Cloud Solution PORT that allows users to check the status of the connected printer
  • Epson Cloud Solution PORT provides remote monitoring, enabling accurate failure diagnosis
“The introduction of our first-ever 76-inch industrial-level dye sublimation textile printer is part of our ongoing commitment as a company to transform the way businesses work across the region. With the pandemic still looming over our shoulder, we know how difficult and challenging it is to ensure that printing jobs are done on time without the hassle and downtime. Listening to our customers, we developed this new large format textile printer for larger printing jobs which ensures less downtime thereby reducing possible business losses,” - Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing for Epson Philippines.
  The Epson SureColor FC-10030 industrial dye sublimation textile printer will be available in the region this December 2020.

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