Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2 East Steps to Secure your BDO Digital Banking Account.

BDO Anti Scam tips Gizmo Manila

  During the Pandemic days, everything become digital. From ordering foods and other important household stuffs to paying monthly bills.

  With this new normal adjustment, a lot of scammer look for another way to steal/scam money to other person. That's why BDO share this easy step to have when you changing your current phone to a new one.

  Here are two-step easy security process every time you’re adding a new mobile phone to your Digital Banking account.
  • ADD DEVICE alert, which you need to reply to.
  • OTP you enter on your Digital Banking app.
  BDO wants to make sure you are notified and can confirm when there’s a request to add a new mobile phone to your account.

  If you did not make this request and you get the message, do not send ADD DEVICE. It may be a scammer trying to take over your account. Be smarter than a scammer and DO NOT REPLY!


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