Friday, October 9, 2020

Skyworth official launch it's official online store on Lazada.

  Skyworth is officially launching its official store on e-commerce platform LAZADA this October 2020.
“As the COVID pandemic persists, e-commerce will continue to play a big role in the lives of many Filipinos, especially since most will refrain from going outside,” - Martin Han, President of Skyworth Philippines.
  Founded in 1988, Skyworth has always adhered to technology leadership and quality first. It is among the world’s market leaders for TVs and digital set-top boxes. In the past 30 years, Skyworth has applied for more than 8,000 patents, and completed more than 200 major scientific research tasks at the national, provincial, and municipal levels.

  Beyond its e-commerce launch, Skyworth has nine new products set to launch this 2020. This includes a product range that spans from the simple smart 32-inch to the high end smart 55-inch TV—a frameless Ultra HD (4K) LED flat screen powered by an Android 10 operating system.

  Filipino consumers can expect free shipping for Skyworth TVs for GMA and Luzon after the LAZADA launch. What’s more, Skyworth will begin offering more than TVs at the beginning of next year to including air conditioner and washing machines among others.

  The television brand will be hosting a live-streaming event on LAZADA on October 12, and then officially launch a 3-day campaign on the e-commerce platform beginning October 15. In those three days, Skyworth will be offering free shipping and vouchers to LAZADA buyers. Additionally, consumers can get up to 50% cash back for the 1st, 11th, 111th, 1111th orders placed on the Skyworth official store on LAZADA.

Skyworth Lazada Launch Promo:

55" (SUC6500) - PHP 39,990 PHP 26,990 + FREE Skyworth S1 Earphone
50" (SUC6500) - PHP 35,990 PHP 23,990 + FREE Skyworth S1 Earphone
43" (TB7000) - PHP 25,990 PHP 17,590 
40" (TB7000) - PHP 23,990 PHP 15,990 
32" (TB7000) - PHP 16,990 PHP 11,590 
32" (UB6000) - PHP 31,990 PHP 20,990 
43" (STC3200) - PHP 24,590 PHP 15,990
40" (STC3200) - PHP 18,990 PHP 12,990
32" (STC33200) - PHP 13,990 PHP 9,595
Skyworth S1 Earphone - PHP 1,499 PHP 1,199

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