Wednesday, September 23, 2020

ikotMNL app now adds contact tracing feature and navigation.

  Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), continues to pioneer digitalization for rail transport and find ways to enhance the commuting experience in Metro Manila.

  Using the ikotMNL mobile app, LRT-1 passengers on trains and at the stations may activate the contact tracing feature via Bluetooth LE technology that allows detection of other passengers nearby. The contact tracing feature is automated, anonymous, and privacy-first by design. With the integration of this feature, LRT-1 passengers who may have come into close proximity with a fellow passenger who reports or tags himself later on as diagnosed positive with COVID-19 will be notified by government authorities when the respective contact tracing procedure begins. This is part of LRMC'S initiatives to keep reassuring the public of a safe railway, as well as help government authorities in fighting further spread of COVID-19 by addressing the challenges of manual contact tracing and providing safe and anonymous log interactions.

  Meanwhile, LRMC has also partnered with Sakay.PH for easier trip planning, faster navigation, and best commute directions in the metro. Sakay.PH app offers transit directions in Metro Manila whether you are riding a:
  • Jeepney
  • Train
  • Point to Point bus (P2P)
  • UV express
  • Shuttle
  • Pasig River Ferry
  The integration of ikotMNL app with provides commuters complete information on estimated time of travel, as well as directions and instructions on how to reach destinations by taking LRT-1 along with other modes of transport including walking.

  The ikotMNL app is available on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices.

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