Wednesday, September 23, 2020

TikTok safety guidelines in reporting content.

  Promoting and maintaining online safety is a responsibility shared by everyone who uses the internet. You can do your part by being mindful and intentional in the way that you post and interact with others on websites and apps. Another thing that you can do to contribute to a safe and secure online experience for all, is to report any harmful or malicious content that you might see while you browse.

  Apps like TikTok, who are committed to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for creative expression, have carefully crafted Community Guidelines with the wellbeing of their users in mind. These are frequently reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain relevant, and are able to address emergent risks.

  Community Guidelines are designed to give users a more concrete idea of what is allowed, and what isn’t, on a platform. For TikTok, guidelines are in place to restrict against accounts and posts containing the following:
  • Dangerous individuals and organizations including terrorists, hate groups, trafficking groups, and other cybercriminals
  • Illegal activities, such as criminal acts, use or sale of weapons, use of drugs, and scams and fraudulent content
  • Graphic content, and violence against humans and animals
  • Suicide, self harm, and other dangerous acts
  • Hate Speech
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Adult content and nudity
  • Predatory content targeted at minors
  Any other content that threatens the integrity and authenticity of the platform and its users, such as spam, misleading identities, and intellectual property violations Members of the TikTok community are encouraged to report any abuse, spam, and Community Guideline violations that you may encounter as you navigate through the app. This can be done by reporting an account, a specific post, or a message, through the following steps:
  •   To flag an account, go to the profile that you want to report, tap the Settings icon, tap report, and follow the directions in the app.
  •   To flag a video, open the post that you want to report, tap the Share icon, tap report, and follow the steps in the app.
  •  To flag a message, open the conversation that you want to report, tap the Share icon, tap report, and follow the instructions in the app.
  Watch this video to learn more about reporting inappropriate content on TikTok. Be part of the community by downloading the app on your iOS and Android devices today.

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