Friday, September 18, 2020

#BestMateForYou: Grab the MatePad Super Deals and get Freebies up to PHP 8,000+.

  A good number of schools are opening their virtual classes in the latter half of this year, prompting incoming students and their parents to scratch off every box in their e-learning checklist. Where laptops are too cumbersome and smartphones are too limited to fulfill educational activities, tablets like the Huawei MatePad line strike a perfect balance between portability and performance as needed.

  Huawei’s #MatePadSuperDeals promotion features unique gadget bundles with purchase of the MatePad and MatePad Pro to ease that transition to a largely study-from-home setup. Getting either variants through this promotion - which runs from September 5 to September 20 entitles consumers to the following freebie packages:

MatePad Freebies: (PHP 4,407)
  • Huawei Band 4e (PHP 1,390)
  • Huawei MatePad Flip Cover
  • 15GB Huawei Cloud Storage for 1 Year
  • Huawei Video TVB 3 Months FREE Membership
  • Huawei Video Mango TV 1 Month Subscription
  • Coupon + gift package for Mobile Legends and Garena: Free Fire
MatePad Pro Freebies: (PHP 8,207)
  • Huawei M-Pencil + Flip cover
  • 50GB Huawei Cloud Storage for 1 Year
  • Huawei Video TVB 3 Subscription
  • Huawei Video Mango TV 1 month Subcription
  • Coupon + gift package for Mobile Legends and Garena: Free Fire
  One of the better things about virtual learning is the easy access to home comforts, and in this vein Huawei MatePads are easier to plunk down on the couch with after after a good few hours of study. Just disconnect the keyboard peripheral (if there are any), and users can sit back in a more comfortable position to enjoy a good flick, TV drama episode or podcast. It also helps a lot that the MatePad form factor is slim and light, adding to the ergonomic benefits, not to mention the built-in eye protection modes.

  Students and parents can’t go wrong with either choice of Huawei tablets, too: the MatePad’s 2K FullView Display, Intelligent Wide-angle camera, and immersive audio and video all work best with video conferencing-heavy classes. Moreover, the E-book mode with TUV Certified eye protection proves very useful during extended sessions.

 AppGallery and Petal Search Widget: Millions of apps in a few taps. Enhancing the MatePad line pulling double-duty as educational and entertainment machines is the AppGallery and its vast selection of apps. AppGallery has plenty of applications to aid productivity/learning such as Zoom and WPS Office, as well as
apps for learning math, science and languages.

  Making app discovery more convenient is the Huawei Petal Search Widget, which
retrieves all relevant app search results (including AppGallery entries) with just a few taps on the home screen. Petal Search is the gateway to a million apps, complete with the ready option to install without the hassle of digging into menus.
So for students and their parents who need the best balance between focused study and relaxing entertainment in the comforts of home, Huawei definitely has the

#BestMateForYou ready and primed to go.

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