Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Keep Moving Forward: PLDT Enterprise expands it's service portfolio.

  In line with its thrust to make a positive impact on every single business, PLDT Enterprise through its Wireless arm Smart empowers businesses with new products and solutions that will enable them to keep moving forward in this next phase of business.
“Our customers’ needs are evolving, and we at PLDT Enterprise ensure to continuously keep up with those demands by always innovating our services and products. We have to be prepared for whatever demand will arise in the future, which is why we’re setting the groundwork for future technologies as early as now,” - Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups of PLDT Enterprise. 
  Recognizing today’s changing business landscape, PLDT Enterprise adds new
Wireless offerings to its portfolio of services namely:
  • Smart GIGA Study
  • Smart Queuing Solution
  • Smart Tracker
  • Smart 5G
  This new services will allow businesses and subscribers to not only move forward but also make their lives vastly easier, safer, and more productive.
  With most schools, colleges, and universities opting for online and distance learning to keep its students and faculty members safe, PLDT Enterprise launches Smart GIGA Study — a prepaid service tailor-made to help students and other members of the academe efficiently transition to e-learning. With generous data allocation and access to useful academic suites such as:
  • Microsoft for Education
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Meet and Docs
  • YouTube
  • other various other learning management systems
  PLDT Enterprise ensures that students and teachers get the best possible educational materials they may need from the safety of their homes.

  SMART Bizload also supplements this service. Through it, various learning institutions can load their students and faculties in bulk, quickly and efficiently with a secure, easy-to-use web-based prepaid loading platform for Smart & TNT services.

  Given current circumstances, it’s a must for everyone to keep their outdoor exposure to a minimum. Enter the Smart Queueing Solution by TimeFree, which lets users virtually line up at their select retail and utilities store. Through this solution, users can book their space in line even before they set foot in an establishment. This is achieved by the service’s cloud-based queueing, booking and service management system. The feature is already being rolled out, enabling users to easily reserve a queue number at shops using the Qmobile app.
  With logistics services being an integral part of today's supply chain, it’s essential for suppliers to have peace of mind when it comes to tracking the movements of their goods and products. Smart Tracker helps ensure that both their teams and deliveries are monitored and secured—enabling suppliers and logistics companies to have near real-time monitoring vehicle location, engine status, speed, and driver behavior through a GPS tracking system. Companies can easily monitor their deliveries from their office using a web dashboard or even on the go via a mobile application. Meanwhile, delivery recipients are given a locator link access to ensure that the products are in transit—giving them peace of mind.
The transport industry benefits from Smart Tracker as well. Assets and personnel can be tracked in real time via a GPS tracker or personnel tracker, and passengers can also receive a link through which they can monitor buses.
  On top of all these, PLDT Enterprise together with Smart is also upgrading its
network and services to make sure it can handle fifth-generation wireless  technology or 5G. PLDT Enterprise now enables the subscribers of Smart Infinity and Enterprise Smart Postpaid to level up to Smart 5Gallowing them to get the most from their 5G-ready devices and enjoy the fastest and most stable mobile data service to date in key areas. Smart 5G guarantees super-fast data service for any business or lifestyle its subscriber has.

  These new features and capabilities were unveiled during PLDT Enterprise’s Keep Moving Forward event which was streamed live via YouTube. The event also marked the launch of Smart Enterprise’s latest campaign to empower businesses with products and solutions that will enable them to keep moving forward and work faster & smarter.

  PLDT Enterprise continues to lead the local business landscape by providing not only the services its customers need but also the innovation and convenience they deserve.

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