Friday, August 21, 2020

New PLDT FamLoad Promo for your everyday videos.

  PLDT Home introduces all-new family-sized Home Wifi Prepaid FamLoads so families can get the best online experiences for work, study, and entertainment at home.

  The new prepaid FamLoad Video and Video Plus are packed with bigger data allowance that can be used for popular video apps and open access data for all sites and apps.

  With the digital consumption firmly embedded in our daily habits, Filipino Internet users are increasingly watching online videos over the internet as a source of information and entertainment such as watching news and vlogs, listening to music streaming services, online radio stations, and podcasts. To address the demand for affordable and accessible internet solutions for the home, PLDT Home enables families to adapt to the new normal by providing bigger data options for their increased video consumption habit.

  For families who consume bigger data daily for video consumption may opt for the new FamLoad Video Plus which offers 3GB everyday for streaming videos in Cignal Play, iWant, NBA League Pass and YouTube. This is perfect for families who want to enjoy a myriad of videos every day for movies, TV shows, news, and other entertainment.

FamLoad Video Plus 999 (Up to 120GB data)
  • 90GB or 3GB everyday) for video apps, Cignal Play, iWant, NBA League Pass and YouTube
  • 30GB data for all sites, apps
  • 30 days validity
PLDT Home Famload Video 999 (Up to 100GB data)
  • 30GB (or 1GB of YouTube everyday)
  • 70GB data for all sites and apps
  • 30 days validity
  While families adjust to the new normal, PLDT Home continues to provide innovative digital solutions that enable them to continuously be productive with their work tasks, efficiently fulfill school requirements, and continue to enjoy and rediscover their family time at home.

  PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid is an affordable and easy-to-use plug and play internet device that’s perfect for sharing with family. Customers can get their own PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid units for only P995 that comes with 10GB of data valid for 7 days. 

FamLoad Video 199
  • 19GB
  • 7 days validity 
FamLoad Video 599
  • 55GB data
  • 15 days validity
FamLoad Video 1499
  • 130GB
  • 30 days validity
Video Plus 199
  • 28GB data
  • 7 days validity
FamLoad Video Plus 599
  • 60GB data
  • 15 days validity
FamLoad Video Plus 1499
  • 180GB
  • 30 days validity
  Customers can buy a PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid at PLDT Home’s official online stores in 
  • Lazada
  • GrabMart
  • PLDT Home website

   PLDT Home Wifi customers can also easily top-up with FamLoad Video Plus or FamLoad Video and reload their units via Paymaya, myPLDT Smart app, or through PLDT Home and Smart’s retailers nationwide.

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