Monday, July 13, 2020

Avision SmartTV now at 50% off exclusively on Shopee.

   As we face the pandemic today, some of us are really having trouble earning money which allows us in a very tight budget situation. We don't want to expend for just nothing or not necessary things that is not important today.

  Watching Television is one of the Filipinos best hobby to kill boredom, learn and ease stress as-well. Even back in 80's and 90's era the TV is the only thing we really enjoy even its still uses monochrome pictures. Back to the present, Television is still most likely still one of the things every people needed not just to watch favorite TV Series. Today Television now offers a new features were your TV can connect directly to the internet turning it into a intelligent home device called SmartTV which offers more than the usual television.

  In terms of designs, The television had been a big leap on their technology, TV manufacturer's not just revolutionize the TV viewing experience but also its design compare to before's big and bulky TV to today's slim and almost frameless SmartTV designs.

  One of the brand that today offers this quality on their SmartTV is the Avision. Their SmartTV comes state of the art design, good quality, best value for money since this SmartTV are very affordable.

 Good thing! Avision is now on a big discount on available exclusively on their Shopee Official Online Store. Consumer's can get up to 50% off on their 32", 50", 55" and 65" smartTV. This future ready TV can get it as low as PHP 6,649 only.

  Perfect for the most of us filipino are just staying home since the school is still suspended its face to face classes and transitioning into Home Schooling scheme so the students can still learn at the comfort of their home. They can connect their smartphone to mirror on their SmartTV for a bigger projection of School activities and lectures. Kids really to do love watching TV with their favorite shows or just watching their idols latest video content online.

  Avision offers the following SmartTV exclusively at Shopee. Just Click the photos to see checkout the product.

  To enjoy this promo visit Avision Official Online Store at Shopee Mall. don't have Shopee app yet? Download it now available for Android and iOS devices.

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