Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mobile Legend's new update on the Project: NEXT.

  Last July 19, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hosted an official unveiling of Project NEXT, which is one of their most significant endeavors of the year.

  In the latest trailer released by the most popular mobile MOBA game in the world, the development team has dropped a lot of info including the revamp and optimization of some heroes to show their unique traits, the official logo of Project NEXT and its stories behind.

  The first and iconic hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Miya, will be the first on the revamp list and will embark on a new adventure, skill adjustment, and significant makeover. Miya's passive and second skills will grant higher damage output, stronger control ability, and more flexible positioning.

  The team found that most of the players were impressed with Alucard's capability in a one-on-one duel, which led to a decision to maximize his damage dealt on a single enemy target.

  The development team adjusted his original passive skill and removed the extra damage generated when hitting 2 targets. The new Passive allows Alucard to dump massive damage on a single target. Also, the extra life steal effect of his Ultimate Skill is removed and replaced with additional damage dealt on marked targets. The skill damage can trigger the Passive effect, further boosting his damage output.
“We’re very happy to share these new game updates to our loyal gamers to improve their gaming experience. It's worth mentioning that the makeover, skill tweaks, and the stories between Heroes have been reconstructed to various degrees. And since MLBB’s Project Next is a long-term project, we also designed an exclusive logo for Project Next to match MLBB’s vision in the pursuit of better quality and elevated gaming experience for our loyal gamers.” - William Mei, Marketing Manager of MLBB in the Philippines.
“Gold symbolizes glory, justice, and passion. The dazzling blue gem comes from the in-game defence turret, which not only represents hope but also acts as a beacon to guide us forward. The v-shaped part at the bottom, which is like a reflection of a mountain peak, symbolizes the past achievements and the whole fresh adventure awaits, just as the name "NEXT" implies, -William added.
  As the most popular and best-selling mobile MOBA game in the world, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to optimize and innovate and promises to always provide an elevated gaming experience for its loyal gamers.

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