Monday, June 8, 2020

New smartphone from vivo. the V19 and V19 Neo.

  A lot has changed since quarantine measures were put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19. Nowadays, homes are no longer just for relaxation as it has become an extension of the workplace. The situation has changed how people perceive work-life balance, with some learning new skills to be more productive at work and adapt to the new normal.

  And while community lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, the practice of social distancing and staying at home is one that is not expected to disappear any time soon.

  But being stuck at home need not be all that bad. Despite adjusting to work-from-home set-ups and finding more worthwhile ways to spend quarantine time, the lockdown period has also presented an opportunity for people to re-explore their individuality and passions, especially at night.

  And for those who seem to have temporarily lost the motivation to pursue passions due to restrictions, vivo begs to differ. For its latest campaign, the brand calls on people to take back the night—to take back their prime, passionate selves—regardless of the situation.

[    Vivo V19 Specs   ]     [    Vivo V19 Neo Specs    ]

 In the coming weeks, vivo is set to launch 2 new smartphones under the V Series; the V19 and the V19 Neo. Each with features so advanced, they are deemed to be the ultimate tools for celebrating individuality and exploring passions at night. 

  A series of online events and activities will accompany the launch of the handsets, to help individuals discover new passions they can pursue—all while highlighting how the smartphones can be the best companions to take back and relish in the power of the night.

  Stay tuned for the latest developments on vivo smartphones and discover how to Take Back the Night by visiting vivo Facebook Page.

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