Sunday, June 21, 2020

A salute to all Super Dad on TikTok.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and the TikTok community wishes to honor our superhero dads everywhere for all that they do to keep their families safe, protected, and provided for. As fathers and father figures are celebrated around the world, the TikTok community pays homage to dads online with this quick roundup of amazing fathers!
Now, fathers (and mothers, too!) can easily keep your teenage kids safe online through TikTok’s Family Safety Mode. This feature allows parents to link to your teens’ accounts, and control the following wellbeing features:
Screentime Management, to regulate the amount of time your teens can spend on TikTok. This can be set anywhere from 40 to 120 minutes a day.
Restricted Mode, to filter out content that may not be appropriate for younger audiences
To access these wellbeing features, tap on Profile, found at the bottom right corner of your screen. Then tap on the three dots found on the top right corner, and tap Digital Wellbeing. It is also possible to go back and access these settings using a passcode, in order to remove or modify any of them in the future.  
You can also limit accounts that can send Direct Messages to your teens, from Everyone to Friends Only. There is also the option to turn off the direct messaging feature completely. To do this, open Profile, tap the three dots on the upper right corner, and tap Privacy and Safety.
To enable Family Pairing on TikTok, open the app on both phones to be paired. Then, go to your Profile, tap the three dots on the top right corner, and tap Family Pairing. On the selection screen, when asked, “Who is using this TikTok account,” tap Parent, then Continue. A QR code will appear on your screen. Simply scan the code using your teen’s phone to pair.
Parents and teens are sure to enjoy sharing content on TikTok together. Ready to get started? Download the app on your iOS and Android devices.

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