Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Going for a Grocery? Check the 5.5 Shopee Mart Sale and enjoy discounts.

  Covid-19 pandemic has been all over the Philippines and some of the cities are in the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) government only allow one person per household to do the market duties. Purchasing food and health essentials are top priority in every household. Purchasing online will eliminate the time you consume falling in line under the heat of summer just to do your daily errands. Shopping online also reduce the risk of having of transmitting the Covid-19 virus to you which will later on might carry it onto your home and might put your loveones in danger.

  Going to public market or even on the supermarket wasting 4 hours of your daily life, just falling in-line for 2 hours to go inside the supermarket, do a 30 minutes shopping and another hour for falling in line on the counter. Good thing Shopee Mart's offers what we needed which i can order in just few clicks away.

  Great news! Shopee put up a Shopee Mart where you can find all of your daily needs and the best part of it, you can enjoy discounts of up to 50% off from top brands like P&G, Wyeth, Nestle, Unilever, Enfagrow, and Abbot this 5.5 Shopee Mart Sale.

Fresh & Frozen Goods
  Afraid to go outside to purchase your daily meal? Shopee now offers Fresh and Frozen foods deliver to your doorsteps. All you need is here, Meat, seafood, vegetables, delicacies, snacks and dessert. Shopee Mart got you covered.

Food and drinks

  Aside from the fresh goods, Food and drinks are also available here. Purchase powdered flavoring for you're signature milktea, purchase seasoning for your Lutong Bahay dishes or adult milk for your Lolo and Lola. Item's in this section are discounted up to 60% Off.

Vitamins that will help you boost your immune system

Babies Essential

  The most important thing for infant is the milk, it's serve as the food for our babies and mother's milk is the best milk for babies, but sometimes mothers can't produce breast milk, that's why they rely on available formulated milk in the market. Good thing this 5.5 Shopee Mart Sale, formulated milk can be purchase up to 50% off.

Home Care

  Home Care products such as detergent powder for your laundry, fabric conditioner, dishwashing liquid etc. are available for as low as PHP 50.

Pet Care

  Looking for supplies for your pet? Shopee Mart has a wide range of pet supplies such as pet food, grooming products and food supplements. You can avail in this section for as low as PHP 50.

Shopee Free Shipping

  Before you checkout, claim this voucher to avail the FREE Shipping deals on your 5.5 Shopee Mart Sale purchases.

  Also don't miss out the Shopee Live on May 5, 5PM - 12MN and might win cash prizes and Load worth over PHP 90,000.

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