Wednesday, March 4, 2020

JRS Express is now the new Cashless Merchart Partner of GCash.

   JRS Express has partnered with the GCash to secure a cashless payments for their customers.

  There are a total of 430 JRS Express branches now on-boarded with GCash’s Quick Response Code (QR Code), which enables customers to pay with ease using the app on their smartphones.

   Since JRS Express’ humble beginnings in 1960, it has grown to over 430 branches and satellite stations operating a substantial fleet of delivery vehicles nationwide – including a modernized operation and a tracking system for its delivery network. They have also been well-awarded and recognized in the field of courier services and logistics.

“We have been looking forward to this partnership as we know that going digital and going cashless is the way to go! We know that through digital payments, we can ensure faster and convenient transactions, - Mr. Antonio M. Claparols, JRS Chairman, CEO and President.
  “This partnership with JRS is a welcome collaboration which enables us to share fast, secure and convenient cashless technology to their customers. We continue to be true to our commitment to onboard more and more partners to embrace this innovation .” - Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt.
  JRS Express being equipped with GCash Scan to Pay is only the beginning. They are also looking forward to expanding their partnership with GCash by adopting more services in the near future.

  For more details about the promotions, customers can visit the official Facebook page of GCash at

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