Friday, February 14, 2020

Predator League 2020 Finals: Cancelled! FAQ and other details.

   Acer Predator announced that the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 tournament has been postponed in the interest of the health and well-being of the tournament’s competitors, spectators, and staff during this period.

   Almost 20,000 tickets have already been sold for the tournament, which was originally scheduled to take place in Manila, Philippines from February 19th to 23rd. It is being tentatively rescheduled to June or July. Acer Predator will continue to closely monitor the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation and further announce when an exact date has been determined.

  Acer Predator has long been committed to the development of Esports, and actively participating in and supporting international Esports events. It has also hosted the Asia Pacific Predator League Esports Tournament for two consecutive years.

  Updates to the tournament rules that arise as a result of this change of schedule will be announced on the league’s official website shortly, along with information about the reuse and/or reimbursement of tickets. Contestants will be directly contacted with notices of important updates and when a new date has been established.


Q: we purchased our vip tickets online and haven't redeemed it yet, we want to keep it and use it when you announce the new date but do I still need to contact SM tickets?
A: If you have purchased tickets online but have not redeemed yet, please email and attach the claim ticket voucher. How ever, you can use the old tickets on the new dates without a reprint if you didn't want a refund.

Q: What if I already purchased ticket?
A: If you have purchased tickets online but have not redeemed yet, please email and attach the claim ticket voucher.

  If you have redeemed the tickets you purchased online, surrender the actual ticket to the branch where it was redeemed/printed.

  For card transactions purchased over-the-counter at SM Cinemas, SM stores, and offsite event points, surrender the actual ticket where it was purchased. Please be advised that for all card transactions, the reversal process may take 15-30 banking days.

  For cash transactions, surrender the actual ticket where it was purchased (e.g. SM Cinema, SM stores, offsite event points). For tickets bought from SM branches, you may contact (+632) 84702222 to check if the event refund is ready.

  Actually Acer Predator APAC is not the only who cancelled their event this month. GSMA's annual Mobile World Congress also cancelled their event this year due to the nCoV-2019.

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