Friday, February 21, 2020

Mofit Powerbank: affordable yet reliable powerbank.

  A new smartphone companion has arrived in the Philippine market. Mofit offer's high quality powerbanks and data cables for smartphone devices in the market.

  We got a chance to tested out the new  Mofit M102 and M201 powerbank on our daily activity.


  Each powerbank comes with Anti-Fake code on each packaging to ensure consumers can will have a authentic Mofit products. You can check if it's legit on Mofit Anti-Fake checker online.


  Mofit M102 is slim and light type of powerbank, it can easily carry on your pocket. Meanwhile the Mofit M201 is one of the most compact 20,000mAh powerbank that i ever try. It also has LED digital display that shows battery percentage.

  One of the advantage of this powerbank is having a dual output port that can charge 2 device simultaneously. It also a perfect gadget for android devices since you can use Micro or USB Type-C to charge it.


  For a heavy mobile user such as gamer or having a multiple devices on your daily activity, you really need a extra juice to carry. Using a 4,500mAh smartphone and charge it on the M102. surprisingly can charge device up to 2X from 0% to 100% in 50 minutes using the 2.0A output. While on the M201 that carry 20,000mAh can charge up to 4x.

  Charging up the M102 using a2.0A Charger can be full in just 2 hours and the M201's 100% charge at 3.5-4hours charging.


  You can now have a reliable powerbank at very affordable price. You can get the Mofit M102 as low as PHP 399 and PHP 599 for M201.

  If your interested to check out Mofit products,on you can visit their official online store at Lazada and Shopee. 

  The Mofit data cable are comes with 3 months warranty and the powerbanks has a 1 year warranty.

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