Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Nvidia iCafe Discovery Conference 2019.

  This year, NVIDIA had their meet up with more an estimated total attendees of 70 people over the Southeast Asia and India to discuss with NVIDIA’s plan to expand and explore the current iCafe outlets.

  The concept of iCafe has been emerging and growing fast in SEA and India, now a days Esport is at a whole new level, games on PC is not only played for fun but now the players are measured competitively like in a real sport. Let’s take a look on what has been covered for NVIDIA’s conference in ZhengZhou, China.

  The iCafe owners of Southeast Asia and India gathered along with the owners of Winter Gaming Hotel, iHotel, Little Hooya E-Sport Hall, Wang Jia, Jiela and everyone who is related to the iCafe came on and visited the setup, bar, store configuration, while understanding deeper into the hardware planning and employee workflow.

  One thing worth mentioning is that NVIDIA has been on the internet cafe project, iCafe since 2015. They had been working closely in collaboration with all these certified iCafe owners to provide the ultimate gaming experience through the most advanced GeForce platforms. GeForce certified cafe has been achieving amazing growth in helping gaming in the Asia Pacific region. With the RTX GPU with the amazing Turing architecture to allow players to experience gaming like never before.

You might check out these iCafe!
  • iHotel
  • Winter Gaming Hotel
  • Little Hooya E-sports Hall
  • Wang Jia
  • Jiela

  This iCafe have a heavy gaming design throughout their lobbies and when you turned to your room, it will be cozy and comfortable just for you to relax. Just in case if you prefer a more private space, in selected iCafes, your room will also be equipped with a PC for each tenant. Some even come with a projector just for you to enjoy tournament matches like the past DOTA 2, The International 2019 or the happening League of Legends, World Championship 2019.

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