Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fujitsu launches fi-800R image scanner.

 With the evolution of today's technology to provide digital solution to the market, Fujitsu Philippines Inc. announced its newest scanner, the Fujitsu fi-800R that is A4 versatile image scanner for front office use.

  The fi-800R is the companies next generation compact scanner and the most compact scanner in it's class. It can easily operate and ideal for limited workspace like reception desk and service counter.

  Fujitsu fi-800R is a A4 compatible scanner to assist both booklet scanning and continuous ADF document scanning. The device also comes with the scanner's world-first technology that corrects skewed documents one at a time. This scanner will reduce operator workload and assists reception operations to provide better customer service.

  The fi-800R is equipped with a Dual Path Mechanism that allows the device to Return Scan, perfect for scanning Passport and ID cards and U-turn scan that is suitable for continuous documents scanning. The Fujitsu fi-800R can scan up to 40 pages per minute.

Fujitsu fi-800R Key features:

  • Passport Scanning
  • CompactDesign
  • Continuous document scanning

  The fi-800R is highly suitable for financial service digitalization and automation. Accelerating medication and healthcare fields improving the service operation over the counter.

  The Fujitsu fi-800R will be soon available in the Philippine market.

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