Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bloody P81 vs P91 Gaming Mouse.

  With countless gaming mice aiming to be the best, the battle for supremacy has become intense more than ever. Bloody inches closer to the top with its P91 and P81 gaming mice.

  The P91 and P81 are perfectly suited for Pinoy gamer's who want to experience top notch gaming quality. One can experience precision like any other with P81 and P91- both having a click response of 1ms that will allow players to execute their skills efficiently and with perfect timing.
  Both gaming mice sport a maximum speed of 5000 CPI that is more than above what most games require nowadays, giving Pinoy gamers an edge when it comes to speed and accuracy. P91 and P81’s speed can also be adjusted to specific preferred speed of every game, making both mice adaptable to every situation encountered.

  Bloody also gave both P91 and P81 a huge boost in gaming performance with the introduction of 3 shooting modes on both gaming mice. With these modes, FPS gamers will surely be one of the last men standing.

  P91 and P81 also have a Dual-Injection soft rubber transparent wheel that can be adjusted to the same precision settings as the mouse. It will help gamers get the same accuracy in scrolling like they do in clicking the mouse which will help in sniper modes as well.

  However, both gaming mouse have differences - P81 and its focus on its aesthetic appeal is perfect for stylish gamers out there. P81’s design, powered by Bloody RGB Animation, features a more striking design than P91 and gamers can customize and choose from 16.8 million color options for maximum personalization.

  Unlike P91, P81 is also designed to lessen the chances of accidental double clicking thanks to Bloody’s Light Strike technology. The Light Strike technology introduces the zero-bounce output that will ensure that each click will never go wrong.

  On the other hand, P91 boasts a sleeker look that means business. To further enhance its precision and accuracy, P91 uses Metal X’Glide Armor Boot to eliminate friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions, precise cursor movements and improved accuracy. With the Armor Boot, gamers can move the mouse smoothly as if it glides through butter even without a mouse pad.

  No matter which one gamers will choose, one thing is for sure: P91 and P81 will give Pinoy gamers the performance of the gaming mouse at the top of the battle for the gaming mouse supremacy.

  The P81 and P91 retails at around PHP 1,200 SRP and are available through leading online and PC stores nationwide.

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