Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nvidia will apply Ray Tracing on Minecraft. | Gizmo Manila

  Since NVIDIA made real-time ray tracing in games a reality, the revolutionary technology has been embraced by developers across the world, from one-man indie studios up to the biggest names in the biz, like Mojang, Microsoft, Activision, Electronic Arts, and CD PROJEKT RED.

 This year’s Gamescom, we’re announcing, unveiling and demonstrating 9 new ray tracing integrations, in Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and other big-name blockbusters.
  Minecraft, one of the most popular games ever made, will add DXR ray tracing on PC, enhancing the entire game with breathtaking visuals.

  Minecraft with RTX will refit the entire game with path tracing, a form of ray tracing featuring incredible levels of detail, affecting almost every pixel of every scene. You’ll see lifelike lighting, reflections and shadows, plus so much more, exemplifying the power of ray tracing and demonstrating why game developers like Mojang and Microsoft are working together with NVIDIA to enhance upcoming blockbusters with ray tracing.

  With ray tracing, nearly everything is visually improved. Lighting is upgraded to real-time global illumination, enabling light to realistically illuminate blocks and buildings as the world is modified. Emissive blocks like Glowstone and Lava can illuminate environments, along with other dynamic game elements. Water, glass and other reflective surfaces show accurate real-time reflections, mirroring their surroundings. Shading and shadowing gain lifelike accuracy. Clouds, fog and other atmospheric effects naturally change the look and feel of the world. Blocks gain extra depth and detail from normal maps, enabling shadows, lighting, specular reflectivity and ambient occlusion to further increase their fidelity and appearance. And on it goes, because the entire game is enhanced with raytracing. 

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