Saturday, August 17, 2019

Gamers and Influencers get hooked at the Mobile Legends: Adventure. | Gizmo Manila

  Since its official release on Apple Store and Google Play last June, Mobile
Legends: Adventure (MLA) has become the number 1 downloaded game in
several countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and
Cambodia. It has garnered over 6 million downloads and counting.

  Fans of the franchise including vloggers and influencers have been streaming and sharing their Mobile Legends: Adventure games non-stop.

  In fact, game enthusiasts Dogie, MRVii, Soloz, Bexed, Choox TV, Super Kimbie
and Angelica “Angelyn” Hirawan are some of the streamers and have garnered
more than 6.4 million views collectively worldwide.

  Unlike its competitive predecessor, Mobile Legends: Adventure takes a more
casual approach in the form of Idle RPG Strategy Card Game. Players can control up to 5 Heroes at the same time in position battles and set the best Line-Up to defeat opponents.

  Also, the game will reveal deeper and continuous stories, with interesting and
compelling storylines.

  New game highlights include the Gacha system called the Wishing Shrine which allows players to receive heroes through three types of summoning in the Wishing Shrine. First is the Premium Summon where players use diamonds or premium summon scrolls. The second is the Miracle Summon which consists of five smaller shrines that allow players to summon specific hero types. The summoning pool of the five smaller shrines contain heroes and hero fragments of a specified type.

  Lastly, the Friendship Summon is when players interact with each other and
receive hearts. Part of the fun being shared online is that all three types of summoning require players to draw figures or write down their wishes to charge up the crystal and activate the summoning process.

  Players have to doodle their best to summon their desired hero or risk ending up with a low level warrior! Stream audiences are kept on the edge of their seats as they watch their favorite streamer’s hilarious reactions when they are rewarded with either low-end troops or when they receive an Epic Hero.

  The excitement and surprises continue with Mobile Legends: Adventure which is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

For more updates, visit the Mobile Legends: Adventure official Facebook page.

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