Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Baseus expands globally for a better tomorrow. | Gizmo Manila

  The development of global intelligent hardware has become increasingly advanced. Mobile phones, tablets and computers have become very critical on our daily lives, and so are the accessories. Aside from convenience, these accessories bring important functionalities such as extending the lifetime and expanding the use of our devices.

  Baseus, a 3C digital accessory brand from China, is known worldwide for its wide range of products and practical product styles which enriches the use of devices and bringing a variety of conveniences for travel, work and entertainment. The brand’s beautiful phone cases, quick charging data cables, high power fast chargers, compact and portable power banks, high quality car holders, exquisite car chargers, and multifunctional HUBs are designed intuitively - many of which have won international design awards multiple times including:
  • German IF
  • American IDEA
  Baseus, derived from the phrase “Base on User”, means that the brand insists on thinking from the user's point of view, focuses on providing users with practical and aesthetic products and integrates latest technologies, environmentally friendly materials and fashion elements into product designs which make up the unique baseus-style products. Each product goes through different steps such as: 
  • observing a consumer’s daily life
  • creating innovative and patented designs
  • reasonable prices
  • adjusting designs to fit each market worldwide
  • accessories that makes each consumer’s life easier
  The brand has now covered more than 180 countries and regions around the world through over 600 global physical stores (100+ of which are global flagship stores) over the last 2 years. These numbers continue to expand as it is expected to reach more than 400 stores this year.

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