Monday, July 15, 2019

Gaming Content Upgrade! as Gariath Concepts partnered with SplitmediaLabs. | Gizmo Manila

  Premiere Esports and Gaming event organizer Gariath Concepts has announced their partnership with SplitmediaLabs; one of the world’s established brands for Online Livestreaming and Broadcasting, for future events and gaming content.

  Gariath Concepts is well known for organizing events such as the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) and the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly (PGL) they also been involved in other major Esports events in the Philippines, helping them reach major milestones in Video Game Event Organization. With this new partnership, SplitmediaLabs will be sharing their expertise and tools with Gariath Concepts to help boost quality and variety of its Gaming and Esports broadcasts.
“We are very excited with this newfound partnership with SplitMedia Labs.” Gariath Concepts Managing Partner for Operations, Richard Brojan said in regards to the partnership. “With their expertise on streaming, we are surely looking forward to further improve our content, and maybe, hopefully, set a new standard in the Esports Livestreaming field”.

  SplitmediaLabs is renowned for their services XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster; the pioneering livestreaming and recording software for both PC and console gamers, providing a simple, yet powerful streaming production experience.

  To find out more about Gariath Concepts, you may visit their social media pages at: 

Twitter: @gariathconcepts
Instagram: @gariathconcepts

To know more about Splitmedia Labs and their products, you may visit their channels:

Twitter: @xsplit
Instagram: @xsplit

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