Sunday, April 28, 2019

Veger VP1056: Pack with Power but light in your pocket.

  Powerbank is one of the best innovation products in the world of technology, it not just refuel your devices but also can serve as external power to run household products such as lightnings, fans and even music players since most of the products are now USB powered.

  Veger, a company originated in ShenZhen and one of the pioneer global brand in powerbank charging technology.

  Recently, we got a chance to try the Veger VP1056 powerbank with 10,000mAh total juice.

Inside the Box

(1) Powerbank
(1) 20cm USB Cable
(1) USB Type-C Adapter
(1) Lightning Adapter
(1) User's Manual

Capacity display
Compatible for Micro and Type-C Cable
Affordable Price

No Quick Charge Support


  This Veger VP1056 is same size as a the 6-inch smartphone, it has screen that display how many percent does the powerbank charge. The VP1056 is build will polyester 

  It has 2 USB Output, (1) 1.0A and (1) 2.1A port. the can be charge using microUSB or Type C cable at 2.0A.

 Using the VP1056, it allows me to charge a 4,000mAh smartphone from 0% to 100% within 1h30min with just 50% of the powerbank total power. So basically if you have a 3,500mAh above you can charge your device 3x or up to 2x for 4,000mAh devices and up. upon charging the VP1056 using a 2.0A wall charger, the VP1050 can be full charge in 2 hours from 0% to 100%.

  The Veger VP1056 price at PHP 1,000 SRP. To check the complete product line-up of Veger powerbanks you may visit their official facebook page or their official online store in Lazada and Shopee. To learn more visit

Veger VP1056 Specs:
  • Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Input: MicroUSB (2.0A), Type-C (2.0A)
  • Output: USB1 (1.0A) USB2 (2.0A)
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V / 37W

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