Friday, April 26, 2019

AOPEN lands in Manila.

  Want to taste the real gaming experience without breaking your bank? AOPEN, a  major electronics manufacturer from Taiwan finally arrives in Manila.

  AOPEN launched in the country to address the growing market of gaming scene. With an affordable price tag, AOPEN delivers high-quality monitors from entry level to high-end curved screen.

[    AOPEN Gaming Monitor Product launch     ]

  Comparing to the other brands, AOPEN offer's the same experience as the other but much affordable price. The AOPEN gaming monitors price ranging from PHP 8,000 to PHP 24,000 SRP. They also have consumer's monitor offering at as low as PHP 3,400 SRP.

  The full line-up of AOPEN monitor will be available in the Philippines starting 1st week of May. AOPEN monitor's will have a 3-years warranty.

AOPEN Monitor Lineup:

AOPEN Consumer's Monitor:
  • Aopen 19CX1Q PHP 3,400
  • Aopen 20CH1Q PHP 3,800
  • Aopen 22CH1Q PHP 4,650
  • Aopen 22MX1Q PHP 6,499
AOPEN Gaming Monitor:
  • Aopen 24MX1 PHP 7,999
  • Aopen 24ML1U PHP 8,499
  • Aopen 27ML1U PHP 14,999
  • Aopen 27HC1R PHP 15,999
  • Aopen 32HC1QUR PHP 23,499

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