Saturday, March 9, 2019

Project Lupon to shoutcast the WESG 2019 Grand Finals.

  With the recently announced partnership with AliSports, NimoTV is all set to broadcasting the World Electronic Sports Games 2019 Grand Finals happening in Chongqing, China.

  The Finals with 36 Teams coming from around the Globe will partake in the highest prize pool of $5.5 Million across multiple titles.
  • 6 Teams from the America
  • 11 Teams from Europe
  • 13 Teams from the Asia Pacific
  • 2 Teams from Africa
  • 4 Invited Teams

  This 36 Teams will try to prove their worth and claim supremacy. Alongside the main competition 8, all female teams will also be participating at the final event. The all-female teams are from the Americas and Europe with both 2 Teams and the Asia Pacific with 4 Teams.

  As the live streaming giant continues to provide quality and exciting content to its followers, Nimo TV tapped Project Lupon headed by KuyaNic to broadcast the DOTA 2 tournament from March 7 – 11 from 11 AM onwards. While TheBigMac, ExcelSor PH, Lia, and Cara Cute will join the HearthStone community. While Iliustrado, Sneakyfrog, Nomad, and Asurai will join its Counterstrike fans in discovering the next global champion.

  The all-star broadcasting teams are excited to comment and give their analysis of the WESG 2019 matches and will also throw in some in-game items, steam wallets and a bundle of 7 packs daily.

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