Monday, March 11, 2019

Kress Power Tools now available in the Philippines.

  Kress Power Tools officially launch in the Philippines last March 6, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Manila. 

  Founded in 1928 at Tubigen-Lustnau, Germany. The company produced their first product, the power drills and became a hit in power tools market. After the success, they professionally started their power tool career.

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  With the 90 years of experience in the field of electric motors, R&D and production and over 50 years of experience in power tools industry, Kress quaranteed to provide best quality power tools in the Philippine market. Kress Power Tools is known with its unquestionable proof of durability, power and quality. Upholding the company slogan: Powered by Tradition.

  Kress Power Tools will be a brand of the future, not only in Power tools but also as a "One Stop Shop" for professional range of hand tools, welding machines, Garden tools and accessories needs.

  With the launch of Kress Power Tools in the country, consumers can now enjoy a good quality European brand power tools at affordable price compare to the other European brands in the market.

 Consumers can now purchase Kress Power Tools Hardware stores and you can also purchase their products thru online at The company delivers from their warehouse to your doorstep, they offer same day delivery defend on your location and availability of the products.

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