Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Empowered Women and the Technology that Powers them.

  Women’s Month celebrates the intelligence and talent of empowered women—and raises awareness that women can be strong and successful. Mobile technology is a growth catalyst, especially for women writers, Anvil Publishing’s Andrea Pasion-Flores sat down with Argomall to share the way she uses technology to bring authors and readers together, as well as gadget shopping tips.

Andrea Pasion-Flores

  The Anvil Publishing General Manager is 47, and her life has been all about books. She was the first literary agent in the Philippines, the author of the short story collection “For Love and Kisses” and she is a lawyer specializing in copyright law. Flores is a mother, as well as a book publisher, and her schedule rarely allows her downtime.

  “For an author, it’s quite liberating in that if you really want to reach an audience, you can” with today’s technology, she said. “You have a lot of control over that vis a vis your social media—you can build your author brand with tools that are within your reach. For women, in particular, it’s very liberating.”

  “Technology,” she noted, “democratizes writing. A new imprint we’re coming out with in the summer is practically all women.” The best and newest tech that writers can use is also available at Argomall.

  Women’s Month “feels like affirmative action” to Flores. “There’s a lot of gender issues that people have to deal with now. There are many people whose identity we have to respect, and it’s a wide, wide LGBT+, and I think women still need the space that must be given to them because there are so many things we are up against.”

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