Monday, February 25, 2019

Philippines to host the Predator League Asia-Pacific Grand Finals in 2020.

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  Acer confirms during the closing ceremony of this year’s tournament in Thailand that the Asia-Pacific Predator League in 2020 Grand Finals will be held in the Philippines.

  The league's 2nd successful year has concluded on February 17th after three grueling days of PUBG and DOTA2 championship rounds and amidst fans of over 10,000 that gathered at the Nimibutr National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

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"Acer provides a stage for young eSports athletes to display their gaming talents not only through exceptional hardware but also through the eco-system and industry especially in the Pan Asia-Pacific Region,” said Andrew Hou, President of Pan Asia Pacific Regional Operations, Acer Inc.  
“We hope that the athletes this year keep on as active members of
the eSports community, and we will be glad to play with them again in 2020 in the Philippines.”
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  AfreecaFreecs Fatal for PUBG and TNC Predator for DOTA2 emerged as the winners out of the 26 grand final teams that bested a whopping total of 3,530 eSports teams across Asia-Pacific to battle it out for the Predator League throne.

  The big question here is where are they gonna take place the Predator League 2020 Grand Finals? the previous Philippine Finals was held at the TNC High-Grounds Café in Quezon City but this upcoming event in 2020 is much better audience are gonna watch it on site. The eSports tournaments here has a huge fans plus the other foreign fans that will be joining the event support their idols.

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