Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Home Credit load approval in just a minute.

  What can you do in a minute? Type a text? Lock the door? Browse the TV for a good channel? A minute is something we commonly associate with doing mundane tasks—but would you believe that this same timeframe is how long it also takes for you to know if you can have a new mobile phone or laptop?

This is what Home Credit Philippines promises with its one minute approval for applications. From the previous ten minutes, the Prague-based consumer finance company has reached another breakthrough with its near-instant approval time.

  “We are a business that wants to improve consumers’ lives by giving them more purchasing flexibility and good experience while enjoying their shopping options,” says Franchette Cardona, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of HCPH. “Imagine wanting a phone or a household appliance and only waiting a minute to know if you can take it home or not. We want to change the way Filipinos shop and we do it by constantly fine-tuning our processes.”

  Technology plays a big role in HCPH’s business model. It powers every aspect of its processes, from its paperless transactions to its near-instant approval. The company is also continuously working on its own mobile app to give consumers an easier time to manage their loans.

  To enjoy Home Credit Philippines’ products, simply visit one of their partner stores, approach their sales associate, and submit two (2) valid IDs. Your one minute starts after you fill up and submit your application form. Taking home a new product has never been that easy and fast.

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