Thursday, September 13, 2018

Nvidia announced 25 games that will improve performance with the RTX DLSS platform. | Gizmo Manila

  NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang talked about this during his keynote address at GTC Japan today in Tokyo. In a dramatic two-hour presentation to some 4,000 attendees, he compared Turing’s unprecedented capabilities to those of previous-gener
ation Pascal (10-series) and Maxwell (9-series) GPUs.

  He also described how Turing’s AI-enhanced graphics can be used to improve performance through the use of our GeForce RTX platform’s Deep Learning Super Sampling. DLSS uses the power of deep learning and AI to train the GPU to render crisp game images while running up to 2x faster than previous generation GPUs using conventional anti-aliasing techniques today.

  And, in advance of the GeForce RTX launch next week, we’re excited to tell you that nine new titles are supporting NVIDIA RTX DLLS platform, bringing the total to 25 announced games which will utilise this cutting-edge technology.

  In addition to the 16 titles we announced last month, the nine newly-announced titles tonight that will support DLSS.

  Alongside, Gamers can now enjoy 4K monitors in more widely available and affordable than ever. A quick online search shows a bevy of 4K monitors price is starting as low as US$300. What once costs thousands of dollars is now within reach for millions of PC gamers.

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