Monday, October 9, 2017

TECHonomy Forum 2017 boost cebu's economic potential through technology.

  Technology adoption and transformation plays a vital role in boosting the competitiveness of local businesses and industries particularly the burgeoning Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

  This is the clear message of Acer Philippines during the TECHonomy Forum, held in Cebu for its second stop after a successful launch in Manila recently.

  MSMEs have significantly contributed to the country's economy by creating jobs and opportunities at the grassroots level; said Carren Garcia, Acer Philippines Senior Commercial Sales Manager.

  In the latest national statistics from the Department of Trade and Industry, Central Visayas has the fourth most number of MSMEs in the country with more than 50,000 enterprises. These provide jobs for more than 200,000 workers according to the Philippine Senate.

  Garcia said the TECHonomy Forum aims to support Cebu’s thriving economy by offering a value-adding thought leadership platform. Here, local businesses and stakeholders can exchange knowledge and ideas on the benefits of digital transformation and innovation.

In TECHonomy, thought leaders and industry thinkers from different sectors converge to champion digital transformation to Cebu’s businesses. We believe having this platform supports broader efforts and initiatives to make the Philippines become more tech-advanced and globally competitive

  With the looming adoption of automation and data sciences as an industry standard in the coming years, digital transformation has become an urgent
necessity for businesses.

  Acer Philippines underscored its commitment to help Cebu CEOs and entrepreneurs through TECHonomy in overcoming the challenges of innovation and technology adoption.

Hosted by Acer Philippines and Microsoft Philippines, the TECHonomy Forum 2017 is the first forum of its kind in the country that tackles the role of technology in economics.

  The Cebu leg of this event was supported by: When in Manila and Big Picture Productions.

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