Thursday, September 14, 2017

NBA 2K18 bundle with PlayStation 4 Pro will be available starting September 19.

  After a months of waiting finally the Nba 2K18 has been landed, NBA 2K18 will having a lot of new features specially on the My Player mode.

  Kyrie Irving introduced as the new cover of NBA 2K. As you can see Irving is still wearing the Cavs jersey because during the making of the game, Kyrie is still part of the Cleaveland Cavaliers until the game is almost done. On the early release Kyrie will be on Cavs Jersey and sooner the newly replace stocks will be wearing the Boston Celtics Jersey same as the newly updated NBA 2K18 loading screen.

  The Nba 2K18 is available in 3 different edition:
  • Kyrie Irving (Regular Nba 2K18)
  • Shaquille Oneal (Legend Edition)
  • Shaquille Oneal (Gold Legend Edition)

  Aside from the NBA 2K18 game, they will also release a limited edition PS4 Pro NBA 2K18 bundle. Yes, the bundle will be only available to PS4 Pro.

  What's include in the bundle?
  • NBA 2K18 Game
  • 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro 
  NBA 2K18 game price list:
  • NBA 2K18 (PS4/XBox 1/PC) - P2,990
  • NBA Legend Edition (PS4/XBox 1) - P5,060
  • NBA Legend Gold Edition (PS4/XBox 1) - P7,590 

  The PS4 NBA 2K18 bundle will be available starting on September 18, 2017 at Gaming Shop and NBA Store, Price: P25,600.

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