Thursday, July 27, 2017

PSBank newly upgraded mobile app become more user-friendly.

   Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), has been at the forefront of digital innovations by improving its products and services to provide an exceptional banking experience for its clients.

  The Bank recently announced its redesigned Mobile App for the Apple and Android devices that is now more user-friendly, intuitive, and more powerful. 

   Aside from its fresh look, it is also packed with new functionalities with some being a first of its kind in the local banking industry. The new PSBank Mobile App allows its users to do the following in just a few clicks:

PayMe- it allows PSBank Mobile clients to request for money from other users in a snap! Getting or collecting payments will now be as quick and easy with this feature.

Touch ID- PSBank Mobile clients can now access their account using fingerprint recognition. A much convenient, secure, and quick way to access their account that will no longer require users to log with their username and password.

In-App One Time Password- Instead of waiting for a one-time password (OTP) to be sent via SMS and going out of the app to access the code, the new PSBank Mobile app will generate the code and populate the OTP field automatically. A hassle-free banking experience for PSBank
Mobile clients.

  PSBank Mobile app also enables clients to save their username, visit their accounts with the Quick View feature, and quickly access their Favorite transactions. Checking account clients can also easily monitor the status of their issued checks as they can view the image of their claimed checks in the app.

   To get started and experience our latest PSBank Mobile App, simply download the PSBank Mobile App now from Apple Store or Google Play.

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