Friday, May 26, 2017

Bring your family and enjoy the 3 day RTL-CBS Summer Fair.

   RTL CBS Asia just took fun and excitement to a whole new level with a weekend getaway for the whole family. Now on its third year, the RTL CBS Summer Fair returned bigger and better than ever with a slew of attractions as well as activities that let everyone enjoy a rare moment under the spotlight.

  A three-day festival drew in crowds at Glorietta in Makati, bringing to life some of cable TV’s most trending shows such as The X Factor UK, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Scorpion.

  Visit and register at the entrance and get your event pass to experience a exciting activity and chance to get exciting gifts from different booths. They also have raffle thru-out the day.

  Among the highlights included The X Factor Stage and the Carpool Karaoke Booth where fairgoers unleashed their hidden vocal prowess. 

  Many lucky fairgoers also brought home several prizes from exciting activities including an ice cream eating contest as well as raffle games from the sponsors.

  The Summer Fair proved once again that Filipinos are gifted singers as guests belted out songs from classics up to today’s radio favorites on The X Factor Stage. Just like in an actual studio, each performance was recorded for the participants to remember this fun weekend.

  Fairgoers were also treated to a share-worthy musical experience at the festival’s own version of the Carpool Karaoke, where fans of the social media hit got the chance to sing solo or with friends inside a car a la Adele and international singers with James Corden.

  Fight crimes and complete the task within 2 minutes at Scorpion Laser Room challenge and a Velcro wall further added a bunch of laughter to the event by letting fairgoers both young and old come up with the coolest to be captured on camera.

  You can visit RTL-CBS Summer Fair 2017 from May 26-28 at Glorietta Activity Center, booths are open from 10am-10pm.

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