Friday, February 17, 2017

Book a GrabShare and enjoy up to 30% savings.

  Grab officially launch their newest addition on their services, the GrabShare. The company's first on-demand carpooling service is now introduce in the Philippines. This service was first introduced in Singapore last December 2016 and completed over 2M GrabShare Rides in just 2 Months.

  With GrabShare, passengers can now enjoy rides with up to 30% much cheaper compare to GrabCar (Sedan). GrabShare combines a maximum of 2 separate passengers booking with similar routes into a single ride. Each booking can accommodate up to 2 passengers only.

  This service may reduce traffic and also an alternative transportation to UV Express. At the same time the Drivers gain more income with the GrabShare in having a two booking in one ride.

   You may download the Grab app on Google Play for Android or AppStore for iOS devices.

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