Dragonica Mobile Cliff of Emprise

   Good news to all brave warriors, are you ready for the war “Cliff of Emprise” which begin this week!

   The all new Dragonica Mobile has just officially launched with new systems and new features such as 

  • REAL Time Party
  • 3v3 GUILD WAR
  • Weapon Crafting
  • abundance of rewarding Events and more.

   It has never been more crucial and exciting to team up with friends to reign supreme in the everlasting war and call yourselves true heroes of the realm.

New System and Features:


Party up with friends to battle menacing Monsters and savage Bosses to obtain awesome rewards.

Challenge other warriors real-time to test your strength and skills.

Cliff of Emprise (Siege): 
Battle to own every 10th cliff levels. Protect them against other warriors in this epitome of fights. Huge prizes await your successes!

Weapon Crafting:
You can now complete exciting quests to obtain items for crafting of powerful weapons.

New World Boss:
Fun is guaranteed with savage bosses and tough new challenges

Download the game on Android and iOS platform.
Pre-register here.

Dragonica Fanpage : http://bit.ly/2j9G2EF
Close group of Dragonica Mobile : http://bit.ly/2ii9svL
Website Dragonica Mobile: http://dragonica.playpark.com/ph
PlayMall TopUp Guide: http://bit.ly/DGNPHTopUp
Dragonica Mobile Cliff of Emprise Dragonica Mobile Cliff of Emprise Reviewed by Jon Nava on January 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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