Electric Mobility units for aging citizens and Persons with disability

    One of the hardest part of aging citizens and Persons with disability here in our country is the attributes to accessibility and care. The steep prices of motorized vehicle or mobility aid hinders them to move around with ease and comfort.

    California E-bike is sensitive to the growing need of Filipinos for a more affordable alternative without compromising quality, Thereby introducing to us the newest addition to their growing line of Eco-Bikes.

This type of Mobility aid is preferred by the elderlies with limited movements in their hands. Easy to use and maneuver. This model has a manual mode should you need to switch to one.


·              Single Speed with Reverse
·              Battery Lever on Throttle
·              Reverse Function
·              Foldable
·              Dual Drum brake system
·              Seat Belt 
·              Foldable Footrest
·              Dual Hand Brake
·              Manual Mode

SRP: 35,000

This mobility aid is preferred by those with more capability in their hands and movements. This type is less bulky and can maneuver with greater ease. This model also includes a front basket to help carry stuff.


·              Adjustable speed
·              Adjustable handle pose
·              Foldable handle
·              Horn button
·              Detachable battery
·              Forward & reverse function
·              5v usb output
·              Safety switch
·              Automatic Electro-magnetic brake

SRP: 40,000

Those who prefer a 4-wheel mobility aid minus the bulk can go for this model with a trendy hue. Just like California Eco-Bike mobility models, this one is also foldable and has a detachable battery for easy charging.


·         Front basket
·         Adjustable speed
·         Adjustable handle pose
·         Foldable handle
·         Horn button
·         Detachable battery
·         Forward & reverse function
·         5v usb output
·         Safety switch
·         Automatic  Electro- magnetic brake

All these units are available in on installments on major credit cards and through Aeon financing. You may call 567-4927, 354-53-61, 353-6748 to check branch availability or visit California Eco-Bike stores nationwide and selected CD-R King branches. You may also  Like them on Fb for more updates: @EcoBikePH
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