Thursday, July 7, 2016

Asus Win with Heroes Promo offers FREE Overwatch game

   Asus newest "Win With Hero" Promo offers consumers a FREE overwatch game. 


Suit up with any ASUS GeForce GTX 900 series GPU, and get a FREE Overwatch game! Hurry and get this exclusive offer for valid purchases in the PHilippines from July 1 to July 31, 2016 only..

Asus GTX900 series GPU:

  • POSEIDON GTX970-Ti 6GB DDR5 GPU - P40,090
  • STRIX GTX980Ti-DC3OC 6GB DDR5 GPU - P38,840
  • STRIX GTX980-DC20C 4GB DDR5 GPU - P28,850
  • STRIX GTX970-DC20C  4GB DDR5 GPU P20,080
  • STRIX GTX960-DC20C 4GB DDR5 GPU P11,410
  • STRIX GTX960-DC20C 4GB DDR5 GPU P11,110
  • TURBO GTX970-OC 4GB DDR5 GPU P17,890
  • TURBO GTX960-OC 4GB DDR5 GPU P10,610
  • TURBO GTX960-OC 2GB DDR5 GPU P10,310
  • STRIX GTX950-DC2OC 2GB DDR5 P8,860
  • ASUS GTX950-OC 2GB DDR5 P7,920
  • STRIX GTX950Ti OC 2GB DDR5 P7,450
  • ASUS GTX950 2GB DDR5 P7,620

Claim your game here:

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