Monday, July 25, 2016

AppStart Academy, the 1st iOS development school in the philippines

    Appstart Academy is the 1st app school in the country that offers iOS Development program. The academy was establish last June 2016 located in  Unit 221 Atrium Bldg, Makati Avenue,  Makati City.

    Appstart Academy aims to bridge the gap between you & your vision of a fulfilling career. They train, connect & launch you in the world of App Development.

Trainings and Workshops: Innovating the Learning Experience

  • Winning in the App Economy - A 3-hour workshop that show the limitless opportunities in Appreneurship. It will equip attendees the tools and knowledge to succeed in this field of business.
  • iOS Development Immersive is a 12-week program that will enable Appstart trainees to launch their app in 12 weeks transforming their ideas into revenue generating projects.
  • iOStarter Pack is a 4-hour/3-day workshop for those starting in iOS Development who want to learn the ropes in coding apps.
  • Advanced Swift is a 4-hour/week month-long program that will help take your existing Swift skills further while you build your real-world app.
  • iOS for Designers is a 4-hour/3-day workshop for graphic designers who want to gain the XCode experience and learn to present prototype apps without writing too much codes.
  • Specialized iOS Trainings and Workshops for Geo-Location, Push Notifications, AF Networking, Messaging and others will also be offered soon.

To know more about AppStart Academy visit their Facebook Page or visit

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