Thursday, March 31, 2016

Globe wants to harmonize 700mhz spectrum

    Globe’s President & CEO Ernest Cu announced the bulk of $750M capex this year that allotted to deploy Fiber Optics Cables in 2,000 Baranggay’s nationwide to provide a fast and reliable internet connection success in about 2 Million homes with atleast 10mbps nationwide. This infrastructure build is expected by 2020 and will extend network coverage to more areas that currently have no connection or spotty service.

   “Data access is currently one of the most important drivers of economic competitiveness and growth. For PH to fully take advantage the new digital opportunities, we need to create an Internet superhighway and provide Ultra-fast internet connection that enable growth in every corner of our country” – Ernest Cu
    Fiber Optics is the most advance in broadband technology, it offers fastest way to access data, providing consumers with higher download and upload speeds, lower latency, faster internet browsing including HD streaming on multimedia content, among others.

    Modernized and Expand Corporate data network for the network build to be as pervasive as possible, it will also depend on other stakeholders such as cooperation of local govt. units and homeowner’s associations.

     SEA-US submarine cable system allows the Country to connect straight to US by using fiber technology with 1GBPS transmission to bring faster connection.

     Approximately around 15,000 Cell Sites in the country compare to the smaller country like Malaysia who have 22,000 Sites. I think this is one of the problem why PH has slower internet (3MBPS average) compare to Malaysia (5MBPS average).

How hard to build Cell Sites?

      One of the biggest problem in building a cell sites are the permits from the local Govt., in 1 located area Globe needed 25 permits and took 8 months to complete this process after they can proceed to constructing sites.

     Globe find a solution by harmonizing 700Mhz Spectrum, this allows 700 Mhz signals to penetrate buildings and walls easily and to cover larger geographic areas with less infrastructure. This Spectrum will really help to increase internet speed and boost signals.

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