Monday, December 14, 2015

Ekotek christmas rush Promo

    This December, a lot gadgets are now on great deals for everyone. Ekotek one of the newly brand in philippine market offers discount this holiday season. Ekotek prepared the Sweet Holidaze PROMO that entitles everyone who'll buy their discounted products with amazing bundles.

    The Ekophone Rogue 3, Ekophone Sage 2 (LTE), Ekophone Sage Lite and Ekotab Encore 3G will be on promo. Consumers will get discounts and discounted items.

+100 to get 8 GB microSD for additional storage, 
+300 to grab an Ekophone Atlas (bar phone) 
+350 to get both 8GB MicroSD and Ekophone Atlas!

Ekophone Rogue 3

     The first Intel SoFia handset in the market. It packs a 4-inch screen, Intel SoFia Chip and decent specs for the price. 
Price: P2,699 from P2,899. 

Ekophone Sage 2 LTE 

      This handset is currently the most powerful among all Ekophones smartphones and features LTE connectivity under 5,000 Pesos smartphone market. 
Price: P4,499 from P6,099

Ekophone Sage Lite

   The lite version of Ekophone Sage 2 LTE. Powered by 1.3 GHz quad core processor, has 1 GB RAM and 4.5 inch screen. It also boast 5 MP rear camera with LED flash and 2 MP camera in front. Sage Lite offers 3G data connectivity only.
Price: P3,899 from P4,799.

Ekotab Encore 3G

  A phone and tablet in one. This device is great for watching movies on the go, playing games and can even do phone calls. It features a 7-inch HD screen, quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM. 
This tablet is at P3,999 from P5,499.

Ekotab Encore 2U

    It features quad core processor too, 7 inch screen and 2,500 mAh of battery.
Price: P2,499 from P2,999.

Ekotek Atlas BarPhone

    You can get this Ekotek Bar phone at P599 or avail its promo at Buy1 take 1 for only P999.

For more details about the deals click here. Promo runs from Dec.5 - Dec. 25,2016

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