Thursday, October 1, 2015

TheNet.Com’s Latest and Best Equipped powered by NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

 iCafe gaming in the Philippines will move up another notch with the grand opening of TNC Intramuros 3, located at Rm 101 Mezzanine Flr. TCG Herald Bldg., 61 Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila, where all its gaming PCs are powered by the newest NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. 

    TNC Intramuros 3 is the latest and best equipped iCafe by TheNet.Com (TNC), the biggest iCafe chain in the Philippines with more than 70 franchises nationwide.

   Based on a new trend in the iCafe market where owners can better balance costs, performance and functionality concept, the new outlet features 94 seats in the PIO (Parts in one) area and 35 in the VIP area.

    NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Power TheNet.Com’s Latest and Best Equipped iCafe in the Philippines

    All the PCs in the PIO area are customized and packed with a GeForce GTX 750 or GeForce GTX 750Ti – the first ever to be used in the Philippines. Providing more leg room and less clutter, they offer a more premium look-and-feel in the iCafe without costing more than building a traditional PC. 

   The VIP area is based on a new concept of offering premium gaming experience with the latest gaming gear in a cosy area at 35 pesos (US$0.75) an hour. Every PC in this area sports a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, which is built for iCafes. The GPU is designed for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and delivers MOBA performance of more than 120fps, perfectly meeting the needs of gamers playing the latest games such as Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends and Hero of the Storm. Add in unrivaled compatibility, reliability and support, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 gives TNC Intramuros 3 everything that gamers need.

     “Having a premium gaming area helps us differentiate from traditional iCafes and helps us with profitability as we can charge higher per hour and gamers enjoy playing in the VIP area. The VIP area offers exclusivity, premium seats, gaming gears, and a powerful GPU the Geforce GTX 960. The PIO PCs help us save on construction cost and give more leg room for gamers for a comfortable gaming experience. What’s best is that the PIO cost is almost the same as regular PC,” said Eric Redulfin, general manager, TNC.

 “NVIDIA was an obvious choice for us as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs are perfectly suited for our and our customers’ needs. On top of the great performance, GeForce Experience gives us one-click driver update, in-game setting some really cool features like SHARE which makes gaming even more social than before,” he added.

     A host of activities is being lined up for the grand opening of TNC Intramuros 3. These include a Defense of the Ancients tournament, free to play games, and Monster Energy free drink sampling. Those interested to check out the VIP Area at the opening can register at

     “The opening of TNC Intramuros 3 marks a major stepping stone towards the advancement of iCafe market in the Philippines. It serves as a beacon and excellent example to other iCafes.

    NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Power TheNet.Com’s Latest and Best Equipped iCafe in the Philippines

   NVIDIA will continue to support the evolving iCafe scene in the Philippines and help every iCafe deliver premium offerings to their customers,” said Simon Tan, director, consumer business, APAC South, NVIDIA.

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