Friday, October 16, 2015

NightFall: Escape, a games based on the philippines horror stories

     NIGHTFALL: ESCAPE is a horror games Created by Zeenoh, a Philippine based game designing studio and an all Filipino game designers. NightFall is inspired by horror stories that hits very close to home.indulging you and letting you become more intimate with the game than ever.


     The main character is Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who is currently working in a newspaper company. Ara is set to discover the mysteries behind an old and abandoned Spanish Mansion in an obscure town in the north.

      During the game, you will be faced with puzzles and challenges, stumbling upon popular mythological monsters like the Aswang, the White Lady, or even the Paring Pugot. As you slowly unravel the story behind the enigma of the mansion, you also take a step forward to meeting stronger and more terrifying characters along the way. Add up the maze-like feel of the mansion, making the game crazier than it was supposed to.

      One thing that is very prominent about the game is the fact that the backstory tracks back to the 1800s, when the country was still occupied by Spanish colonies. It is also very enticing, with the element of forbidden love very evident during the retelling of the house’s history. A story between a young man and woman, who was torn apart by wealth, status quo, and society’s expectation of who they are supposed to love.

    Come 2008, Ara Cruz, an aspiring journalist, stumbled upon a mysterious house, which has become well known because of its haunting tale that the locals easily associate it with. According to the accounts that Ara had gathered, people mysteriously disappear whenever they pass by the area. Armed with curiosity and a brave heart, she decided to explore and look closer into what the real score is. Little did she know that she’s in it for a crazy and terrifying ride.
Game Graphics    
     Using 3D graphics to bring the characters to life, Nightfall offers a very promising future in the field of gaming. The team used 3D Blender and Unity5 to create the compelling scenes and provide character details.

     The game is compatible for PC, Mac, and Linux, and can be acquired through Steam. In the coming months, they also expect the game to be available for PlayStation and XBox format.

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