Thursday, October 22, 2015

Acer launced newest LTE smartphone lineup

     With the growing demands of the contemporary work environment, one must be well-equipped with right gadgets that simplify  everyday task. Young professionals of today live flexible and fast paced lives and  they are always on the lock-out for companion that can keep up with their lifestyle whether at work at play.

    The new lineup of Acer smartphones are  all designed with the needs of young working force in mind. Efficient, powerful and budget-friendly that match the lifestyle of a hardworking  and spontaneous yuppie.

      Acer launched their newest product lineup running on  Android 5.0 Lollipop and LTE ready. Today they unveils the 7 smartphone and tablet:

Acer Liquid  X2

Acer Iconia Talk 7

Acer Iconia One 8

Acer Iconia One 10

Acer Liquid Z530

Acer Liquid Z630

Acer Liquid Z330

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