Sunday, October 11, 2015

7 Things Why ZenFone Selfie is the best smartphone today

    Asus recently launched great smartphones in the ZenFone series, one of them is theZenfone Selfie. I write 6 things why asus Zenfone 2 Selfie is the best smartphone today. compare to the other.

Multiple storage

     Having a large amount of storage is one of the great factor a smartphone should have, specially today’s apps needed a larger storage in order to install and play HD games, social media apps updates and photo/videos you capture. Not yet included those MP3 you listen and movies you watch during your travel going to work/school daily.

     Zenfone 2 Selfie has a 32GB Internal Storage, bigger storage than an usual storage in the market. It can also expand up to 64GB via microSD card and can plug flash drives via micro USB. That’s a 3 storage in 1 powerful device.


     As of today’s living, everything should be fast specially in our daily activity. As a blogger  we need to be fast in everything, sharing news, taking photos, posting great ideas. That’s one thing Zenfone Selfie has, the Gestures. It allows to open and close the smartphone without pressing the power button, it also allow you to open apps by writing the shortcut letter on the screen. I can easily access camera, contact, messaging even browser in just a single gesture swipe.

Large Screen

     Having a larger/wider screen is one of the factor’s we want in every smartphone, A larger screen for a better view playing and watching movies. A lot of smartphone has a only have 4.7” – 5” display, some of them only uses HD display on a price point range of P12k below. But with the Zenfone Selfie you didn’t need to suffer on a 5” HD display or a 4.7” Full HD if you can have a 5.5” Full HD IPS screen, better than the usual 5” HD screen in the market.


     Are you a multitasker? Im sure you will also love this zenfone selfie, It has a 3GB RAM perfect for a multitasking person who loves to browse on net, check emails, upload photos on social media and play games. Feels like having a Powerful PC on a smartphone.


      No doubt, Zenfone series dominates the smartphone market again. Asus Zenfone 2 wins the smartphone of the year category last year at its specs and price range. This year Zenfone Selfie is one of the top smartphone to brag the top spot for this year “ Best smartphone” .Zenfone 2 Selfie features 13 MP front and back camera. Having a good and wider lens at the front of the smartphone is perfect to have a groufie. Zefone 2 Selfie is the best smartphone  for people who love to take selfie and groufie during their vacation trips, party or just a hobby.

Low Light  Mode

    Zenfone Selfie not only capable to take good quality photos during day time, it can also took photos even on a low light sceen. Having a great smartphone that has ability to take photos on a low light situation.

   Took a photo on a same time and place using the iphone 6 and asus zenfone 2 selfie smartphone.  The photo above shown how selfie dominates the iPhone, not just in specs but also in price.


     Price is best thing we consider in buying gadgets. we always wanted to have a high-end smartphone than we can use in our daily routines. But we know the fact that a high-end smartphone price ranging from P15,000 above. But with the release of the Zenfone Selfie, we didn't need pay a lot or twice the price of selfie if we can have a same specs but a better camera compare the other. Asus Zenfone 2 Selfie is only P11,990 SRP.

      At it’s price point, against its other competitors in the market, with its great specs and its 13MP front cam, Zenfone Selfie should be the 2015 best smartphone.

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