Saturday, August 22, 2015

Suzuki Philippines Records Industry-Leading Sales Growth in 1st Half of 2015

    Complementing an impressive Q1 2015 sales performance, Suzuki Philippines maintained its momentum in Q2 to post a 65% year-to-date sales increase over last year’s 1H figures. This is the highest growth increment so far this year for the company, whose June sales tally is also the highest selling month in 1H 2015.

    The new sales achievement is another feather in Suzuki Philippines’ cap, following the recent accolades from the 2014 Suzuki After-Sales Awarding in Thailand earlier this year, where top-performing Suzuki subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world were recognized and their achievements celebrated.

    Top officials of the company have expressed their appreciation of the market’s growing trust in the brand. This inspires Suzuki Philippines to further deliver quality products and improve its after sales service for the local motoring market. 

Ertiga and Swift remain market favorites

    The Suzuki Ertiga and Suzuki Swift 1.2 are still the main sales drivers of Suzuki Philippines for the first half of the year. Sleek and stylish, and powered by innovatively crafted engines, these two models embody the Suzuki automobile philosophy.

    The six-month performance of the Ertiga is a record-high for this model. This vehicle is clearly becoming a favorite among Filipino families who need their cars to serve multiple purposes while still delivering impressive automobile performance and excellent value-for-money.

    Meanwhile, the Suzuki Swift 1.2, the second best seller, is a perfect subcompact car for first-time car owners. It boasts of a sporty and stylish design, as well as amazing fuel efficiency and engine performance.

All-new Celerio joins the pack

    Suzuki Philippines hopes to further boost its performance for the second half of 2015 with the recent introduction of the all-new Celerio to the local car market. The improved Suzuki Celerio boasts of A+ compact build — a concept that steps up on the strengths of and exceeds the limits of the A-segment car by implementing the “small on the outside, big on the inside” idea. It sports the same dynamic and easy-to-maneuver design, which Suzuki compact cars are known for, while offering spacious room for passengers and relatively huge luggage capacity. It is also competitively priced, which the company believes would attract even more motorists to this new vehicle.

    The robust first half performance prompts the company to forecast 2015 as its best year yet. And as Suzuki Philippines continues to expand its offerings to the market, more and more Filipino motorists will get to experience the Suzuki Way of Life

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