Sunday, August 2, 2015

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E: 2 in 1 laptop perfectly for students

    The market is now saturated with quality hybrid models that can double as a laptop and a tablet. With models rolling out one after the other, the competition now lies on how well-built one is for its particular target market.

    Performance, hardware, and features are top-of-mind when gauging a gadget’s quality. Additionally, how well it integrates with the user’s activities is
also a major consideration.

   “If it is only a question of quality, there are a lot of brands out there that can claim this,” says Manuel Wong, General Manager of Acer Philippines. “A good model, however, should fit one’s activities in all aspects, from its performance to design” 

     The Aspire Switch 10 E is the latest hybrid model from Taiwan manufacturer Acer that is a good example of such model. Easy on the pocket, portable, versatile, and stylish, the Switch 10 E is a promising take on a gadget especially designed for students.

    The Aspire Switch 10 E is a no-nonsense device when it comes to versatility. Equipped with the Acer Snap Hinge™, this model can be easily switched into four modes: notebook, tablet, tent, and display.

     Additionally, this Acer hybrid is also equipped with a data protection element with its Acer SwitchLock™ feature. All HDD data is automatically locked and protected whenever the tablet is pulled from its keyboard counterpart which also serves as the HDD key. All data can only be unlocked once the tablet is joined with its keyboard dock


The tablet can be easily detached and the hinge feature assures zero wobbling when merged with the keyboard. Performance-wise, the model can easily provide for the computing needs of any student. The Aspire Switch 10 E, which runs on Windows 8.1, is already pre-installed with the Microsoft Office suite. Its Intel quad-core processor, 2GB memory, and 32 GB of Flash Memory let its users switch from program to program without any risk of lagging or crashing. This model also packs enough juice with its 12-hour battery life suitable for work and play. 
   The Aspire Switch 10 E also has a strong suit of display and audio features. Students who need to constantly access videos and audio files will definitely appreciate its HD screen IPS technology and dual speakers that deliver crystal clear images and sound respectively.

    Of course, durability is another top concern for users with such a dynamic lifestyle. Acer has this well-covered in the Switch 10 E with its Gorilla™ Glass that protects the LCD from scratches. The screen is also equipped with the Acer VisionCare™ feature which protects the eyes from damage caused stress-causing blue light.

    In terms of design, this newest model from the Aspire Series is everything a student could want. 

    Available in a range of trendy colors, it is a stylish, youthful upgrade of its predecessor, the Aspire Switch 10 E. Its textile-patterned finish not only adds a punch to its overall look but also improves grip.

   Wong finishes, “Quality is an umbrella term. It should be an all-encompassing characteristic that should include efficiency, versatility, portability, and value for money. All of these, of course, should be in line with the demands of its market.”

    For more information on Acer’s products, visit or check out the Acer Philippines Facebook page . You can also get updates by following Acer via Twitter.

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