Monday, July 20, 2015

Teens train as Web Rangers to keep the Internet a safe place

    More than fifty Filipino teenagers gathered to train as Web Rangers in a workshop designed by Google Philippines to help them effectively utilize their creativity and social influence to promote a more responsible use of the Internet.

    Google Philippines, in partnership with National Youth Commission, aims to equip the youth to develop effective campaigns that will help address cyber concerns in a positive way and keep the Internet a safe place.

     The participants will learn from a series of talks by creative and industry veterans, including Google country manager, Ryan Morales, Trese writer, Budjette Tan; DM9-Digit Managing Director and Unbox Founder, Carlo Ople; and DM9JaymeSyfu Chairmom and Chief Creative Officer, Merlee Jayme. The topics will cover creativity and technology, superhero characters, Internet etiquette, and developing campaign ideas. NYC  Commissioner Earl Saavedra will also deliver a keynote address to underscore the vital role that the youth play in influencing their peers to have a better online behavior.

Google Philippines country marketing manager Ryan Morales with his talk about creativity in crafting campaigns against cyber bullying.

     Web Rangers will be divided into teams and will be given three weeks to come up with their campaign. The group with the most impressive campaign will get a chance to visit a Google office in Asia to present to Google executives. Awarding will be on August 20.

      Google Philippines created five Web Ranger roles that teens can identify with: The Transmitter, who shares positive content; The Guardian, who is vigilant against cyber threats; The Frontliner, who takes a stand against cyber bullying; The Uplifter, who is a source of positivity for the depressed and The Creator, who creates inspiring and empowering creative content.

Web Rangers is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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