Saturday, July 25, 2015

Growing awareness for information security calls for data encryption

      With the concept of IoT gradually maturing, various internet commands have no doubt made day-to-day life more convenient. The advancement of internet has also led to the integration of cloud drives as a part of the storage solution for smartphones. Nevertheless, the threat of hacker intrusion, Trojan-program attack/data theft is ever present. As we take advantage of the convenience that internet has to offer, the protection of personal privacy is just as important.

     The demand for data encryption has become a trend and Sycret Text, the world’s first dedicated encrypted memory card for smartphones, has been jointly developed by renowned memory manufacturer KINGMAX and mobile security solution provider Go-Trust as an answer to address that demand. With both hardware and software encryption, Sycret Text shall deliver the best defense for data stored on smartphones. 

     Sycret Text offers two unique systems that will safeguard users’ private data:

(1) Sycret Text- featuring a key-exchange process between two users that scrambles text messages to keep the dialogue strictly confidential between the users.

(2) Sycret Cloud- encrypts and stores files which stored on your smartphone, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Encrypted files are fully protected against hacker intrusion and Trojan attacks to achieve seamless data security.
     Sycret Text features a 32-bit Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified security chip, along with an encryption algorithm that has been painstakingly developed in order to achieve compliance with military grade RSA 2048/TRNG/AES-256 and NIST accreditation. All encryption operations are performed locally within the memory (hardware) of Sycret Text without requiring access to the internet or 3rd party server. This effectively blocks out Trojan attacks or malicious monitoring during data transmission.

     Using Sycret Text is really simple too! Just follow these easy steps:

(1) Go to Google Play and download the free Sycret Text Application; install it on your smartphone

(2) Insert the Sycret Text encrypted memory card into the Micro SD slot on your smartphone

(3) Activate the Sycret Text Application (the Application must be initialized before it can be used)

      KINGMAX has not overlooked users who only needed file encryption features instead of the whole package. This is where “Sycret Cloud” comes in; the memory card is designed to work with the Sycret Cloud Application, which is now available on Google Play. Choose the solution that best suits your need.

     With an encrypted memory card and an Application, you will now be able to surf the net without having to fuss with data protection. Sycret Text and Sycret Cloud only require easy configuration but offer great additional protection!

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